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Be in touch anywhere, anytime with an all-in-one suite of digital channels


Why Solutif?

Connect anytime, build trust, and grow faster.

Focus on your core business objectives to discover how your company can gain numerous benefits from a comprehensive approach to customer service and digital technology.

Give your customers the support they deserve

Solutif  makes it possible to deliver unique, personalized experiences your customers will love. You can scale to keep pace with both customer preferences and business demands. With our comprehensive capabilities and advanced features, you can always put customers first.


Optimize your customer attention by using a desktop contact center integrated into email management. Your business can deliver feasible attention to your customers.

Social Media

Build up your positive customer experience with our intuitive interface and reach out to your customers via their favorite channel.

SMS Messaging

Boost business sales by implementing effective communication channels using familiar messaging channels without disrupting customer activities.

Knowledge Management Tools

Ensure valuable business insights or knowledge are capable of being executed by agents, and get ready to take your business to the next level.

Co-browser & Share Screen

Assist customers in solving problems in real time and guide them in the future to solve similar problems.

Predictive Engagement

Find out who visits your website and understand why your audience visits it. Hence, this will allow you to guide them in the right direction.


Through intelligent automation, the chatbot was able to provide customers with instant responses to their queries and requests, reducing wait times and improving overall engagement. Moreover, specific questions can automatically be transferred to agents.

Virtual Assistant

We harness the power of AI virtual assistants to provide personalized customer experiences, automate mundane tasks, enhance fraud detection capabilities, and make your business always ready to drive sales growth.

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