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System Integrator

Integrated solutions for a more efficient and successful business. Ensure your customer journey is well managed.

System Integration
CX Consultancy by Solutif

CX Consultancy

Customer experience becomes a journey for customers to create customer feelings and thoughts towards a business brand. In today's highly competitive environment, customer experience is the only sustainable differentiator.

Organizations need to provide their customers with a consistent and personalized experience across all channels of interaction. We have a comprehensive suite of services to help the customer journey run smoothly, whether you are taking their call or contacting them in person to greet them.

As one of Indonesia's leading contact center, human resources, digital transformation, and training groups of companies, we understand the business of customer experience, from simple to complex interactions.

Implementation Partner

With our expertise and implementation services, we focus on achieving complete alignment with business objectives and processes.

We deliver immediate results for those who have invested financial and personal capital in the project and sustainable results.

Our solutions offer benefits such as reduced costs, better business operations, and an increase in the overall value of your company. Independence from suppliers allows us to create solutions tailored to your needs, providing you with a unique system tailor-made for your business operations.

Implementation Partner by Solutif
Implementation Partner by Solutif

Maintenance Support

Solutif believes in building long-term relationships with our clients. We offer end-to-end software development for web, mobile, and cloud applications and provide complete support and maintenance services for our existing clients by taking the following steps:

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