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Automatic Predictive Dialer


Why Solutif?

Better tools make for deeper conversation

Maximize Your Sales Potential with Automatic Predictive Dialer. Our dialer predicts when a sales representative will become available and automatically dials the next phone number on your list, ensuring that you're always talking to a potential customer.

Give your customers the support they deserve

Solutif  makes it possible to deliver unique, personalized experiences your customers will love. You can scale to keep pace with both customer preferences and business demands. With our comprehensive capabilities and advanced features, you can always put customers first.


Custom-fit agents need by providing information such as display data, configuring the work form, and building on specific custom panels.

Data Exchange Process

With the right tools, such as Latitude Exchange and ETL Tools, you can extract or ingest information from systems or other platforms.

KPI Portal Insight

Using a secure web portal, stakeholders can easily secure access to operational metrics. Take control and give stakeholders access to the same information anytime and anywhere.

Configurable Clean Dashboard

The Latitude Dashboard can be configured to display real-time statistics. You need scoring and modeling tools to make costs and streamline your operations to be more efficient.


When the account is processed, it automatically moves to the next activity based on the rules, policies, and procedures defined in the work business policies and rules.

Pre-built Integrations

Integrate several service providers that make it easier for you to manage email creation, skip-trace functionality, payment processing, and expanding data revenue.

Deliver amazing experiences with empathy

Transform your business with Solutif.  Orchestrate every step of every experience to improve customer satisfaction, employee retention and business outcomes.

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