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PT Solusi Tiga Selaras (Solutif) offers top-notch technology for seamless customer interactions, whether it’s inbound or outbound communication. This includes a powerful automatic dialer and omnichannel tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient engagement process. By using cutting-edge tech, Solutif helps businesses stay connected with their customers in a personalized way.

Solutif provides a clear and user-friendly reporting dashboard, giving businesses valuable insights into their customer interactions. This tool allows companies to track key performance indicators and fine-tune their strategies for better results. It’s a powerful way to optimize response times and improve customer satisfaction.

Our CallON talent at Solutif is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. They receive extensive training to handle a wide range of customer needs. With a focus on the customer’s experience, our CallON talent ensures that inquiries and concerns are addressed effectively. This combination of advanced technology and skilled professionals sets Solutif apart in the world of customer experience solutions.

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Be worldwide contact center solution provider thru leveraging IT and human potential strenght.


To build global digital contact center and generate values for our talents, customers, and shareholders.

Our Value


Bring everyone to have values and principles in achieving their goals.

Mutual Benefit

Have an understanding to be able to mutually benefit both parties.


Having the knowledge, ethical standards, regulation compliance, concern for stakeholders and customers.


Have the ability or tendency to adapt to different situations and environments.

Continuous Improvement

Having an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes


Have the ability of a collaborative to achieve a common goal in an effective and efficient manner.

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Our Technology partner provides its best customer experience solution in their field

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Personalize every experience along the customer journey with the Customer 360.

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Team Work make Our Dream Work

Danny Ng - CEO Solutif

Danny Ng

CEO Solutif

Eka Budiana - COO Solutif

Eka budiana

COO Solutif

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