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The traditional KPIs are customer satisfaction, the average time a customer spends on hold, and how quickly an agent answers the customer’s question or provides a resolution. However, there’s no direct correlation between customer experience and frontline productivity. Before trying to improve customer experience, you need to carefully analyze agent tasks and issues that arise.

Instead of wondering how to make customer service more productive, it’s important to understand which barriers hinder agents. And improving the agent experience will ultimately increase customer satisfaction rates by 11%, according to Gartner. However, there are some barriers to improving the agent experience.

Barriers to Great Agent Experience

The complexity of the system is often an obstacle for contact center agents. Even if you invest in new or updated apps, systems, and information to improve your front line, too many different tools make it difficult for agents to serve customers properly. Simplifying daily customer service tasks will improve the customer and agent experience.

Connector Solve System Complexity

Connectors, powerful add-ons that integrate CTI systems with major CRM systems, can facilitate daily contact center routines. In addition to basic features, like call transfer, automated screen-pop, and click-to-call option, connectors offer other benefits.

  • Retrieval of interaction transcripts and recordings: Store-specific properties into both entities and retrieve them for reporting, compliance, marketing, and other business purposes.

  • Tailored and easy integration: A scripting engine lets you trigger automated actions into a CRM system, linking customer experience interactions and CRM data.

  • Media blending and interaction concurrency: By leveraging Genesys capacity rules, frontline agents can handle multiple chats, email, or other concurrent interactions using any media type.

  • Multi-CRM access: Agents can access various CRM systems through a single automated, selective, and attached-data-driven screen-pop.

  • Full control from CRM systems: A customizable delegation feature allows the selected CRM system to fully override a Genesys CTI desktop and interactions.

  • Synchronization between the two entities: Users range from full interaction between CTI and CRM systems to selectively using one.

  • Unique interface for all channels: Agents don’t need to swap screens or windows because every feature they need to perform their duties appears in the same workspace.

  • Connectors support all media channels, including inbound/outbound calls as well as chat, email, third-party and social media, work items, IWD, and open media.

In addition, connectors are up and running with out-of-the-box features just after the installation. And they’re customizable for advanced use cases. The ability to use a single interface for all channels and handle more interactions simultaneously improves agent experience and efficiency. And contact center managers have visibility into advanced KPIs and in-depth monitoring. All of these factors lead to an improved customer experience.

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Evaluate omnichannel based on these critical criteria.

  • The power of one: Does the solution deliver all the necessary capabilities from a single platform? Or will it take multiple vendors and partners to achieve this?

  • Routing: It uses a single, native routing engine for self- and assisted-service across all channels — no partners required.

  • Data: There’s a single source of truth for customizable interactive dashboards, historical data and analytics.

  • WEM: There’s a built-in native artificial intelligence (AI)-powered workforce optimization (WFO) engine, including quality management, intraday monitoring, call recording, omnichannel forecasting scheduling and more.

  • Desktop: An omnichannel desktop has user-driven design, web-based experience, and built-in collaboration and escalation tools.

  • Blending: You have the ability to blend native inbound and outbound voice that includes preview, predictive, campaign management, scripting, best time to call and extensive support for regulatory compliance.

  • Multimodal self-service: It’s self-service beyond IVR — other modes across channels, including chatbots and messaging platforms, use the same design environment as for agent-assisted interactions.

Contact Center

Look for these specific characteristics when evaluating contact center experts.

  • AI: Will you gain AI-based capabilities that use machine learning to dynamically take input and respond to interactions that span customer and employee engagements?

  • Customer success: Your journey doesn’t end after the go-live party. Does the vendor offer a programmatic model of guidance and services that help you get the business outcome you wanted — quickly? And will you continue to derive value going forward?

  • Innovation: Is there a track record of investment in customer experience innovation, a strong roadmap and continuous delivery of new features.

  • Migration experience: The vendor should possess provider-delivered, on-premises-to-cloud migration experience that includes proven, published methodology.


Evaluate the viability of cloud-based solution using these key criteria.

  • Origin and development: Was it born in the cloud and developed based on Software as a Service (SaaS) design principals?

  • Architecture: Is it a true multitenant and microservices-based public cloud architecture, with options for private or hybrid cloud services?

  • Complete: Does it offer native Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center (CCaaS) options from a single platform, with a consistent user experience across devices?

  • Flexible: Are there choices for voice infrastructure, such as Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), cloud or on-premises, or a 100% cloud-based provider voice option?

  • Open: Does it use an open-platform approach and a robust third-party ecosystem for options to build, buy or extend

  • Enterprise-grade: Does it have all the critical “abilities” of a true enterprise-grade solution, like scalability, reliability, capabilities and security? (Ok… that last one doesn’t end in “-ability,” but it’s still a must have.) Does it also have a global presence and published, real-time availability data that’s accessible from public website?

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