This Is How Omnichannel Creates a Great Customer Experience

Omnichannel has now mastered the world of contact centers. To be able to create a successful omnichannel customer service strategy is to continue to focus on the main objectives, namely customer satisfaction and customer experience. Often strategies for improving the customer experience combine several technologies but do not create a user-friendly system. Such strategies and systems will only make customers more frustrated and confused. It also affects operating expenses and revenue generation.

According to the Northridge Group’s 2019 Customer Service Experience report, 72% of consumers say they are more likely to switch to another brand after one bad experience. There are several important steps to creating an omnichannel technology strategy that allows your business to create a great customer experience so that you can ultimately outperform the competition and increase profits.

The omnichannel experience is governed by the system. This system directs customers to the right resources and tools, at the right time, to drive results. Multichannel takes customers to several points of contact which makes it easier for customers to get information quickly and efficiently so that ultimately the customer experience and customer satisfaction will increase. When your customers are satisfied and have a good experience, customer loyalty will be created, which will benefit your company.

Before you build a great customer experience, you need to ask the following questions:

Why omnichannel technology can improve the customer experience?

Multi-channel technology and customer experience

The omnichannel strategy is not only combining several technologies into one sophisticated technology. It is the process of mapping out your technology’s capabilities to create a user-friendly and profitable system for your customers and company.

Imagine when your customer has a complicated question. Customers contact your contact center in hopes of getting answers or solutions. If your company only has a call service, it will be very inefficient because in this digital era customers are turning to digital platforms such as email, social media, websites, and mobile applications. This is where omnichannel comes in by providing several choices of platforms that can reach a wider range of customers so that customers can easily get answers. This will improve customer experience and customer loyalty.

Professional agent = Satisfied customer

Omnichannel seems to be a personal assistant for your contact center agent. When a customer comes with a complicated question, an agent needs a complete data bank and information to be able to answer the question. Omnichannel makes the agent’s job easier because agents can get information from various platforms. Not only is it easy to get answers, but agents can also provide these answers through several platforms. Of course, the agent’s job is very efficient! When agents are satisfied with their work system, of course they will work optimally. This has a very significant effect on customer service related to customer experience.

Creating a business case

Now that you have the cutting-edge technology, defined roles, partnerships, and the right plans. Omnichannel, which has multiple platforms, allows you to evaluate all perspectives around how omnichannel capabilities benefit businesses. You can compare traffic from each platform so you know which platform customers like the most. This will help your company to create a marketing strategy.

Putting the system together

Like a series of musical instruments formulated in an orchestra, the omnichannel also has to assemble all the advanced technology used to become a system that is easy to implement and customer-friendly. The system must help customers find answers. With omnichannel technology, the system will be more efficient in collecting answers and distributing answers. The customer experience will improve because you can get answers easily, quickly, completely, and efficiently. Customers will be very satisfied with your contact center.

Solutif technology solutions using cloud-based omnichannel. In this modern era, it is very important to use cloud-based technology. Cloud allows you to work without a mobile application, just a website, and an internet network. The data that you have will also be automatically saved. No need to be afraid if your device has errors or other problems. Omnichannel and cloud are a great mix. This will greatly help the work of your contact center agent, as well as improve the customer experience!

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