Great customer experience starts with great planning and effective teams. Workforce management capabilities help you maximise your team's time, engagement and results — so you can improve customer-facing KPIs.

Forecasting & scheduling

Find the right balance. Optimise coverage for voice and digital channels with workforce scheduling. Use task-based scheduling to control the sequence of co-worker tasks. Your Genesys solution automatically gathers data, making it easy to get accurate forecasts and scheduling scenarios across channels. Factor in arrival patterns and hours of operation to cover your bases and get real-time insight and monitoring into SLAs and schedule adherence.

Long term planning & budgeting

Simulate the operation in order to have the right level of resources available. Create executive level what-if resource planning scenarios. Quickly and accurately forecast all important planning metrics, simulate plans to accurately determine the co-worker you need week-over-week and develop highly efficient just-in-time hiring and overtime plans to optimally use your labour pool. It also ensures more accurate budget management.


All your recording needs are covered, including: voice and IVR recording; voice and screen recording; even co-worker desktop and screen recording. Monitor quality to continuously improve performance and experiences. Be compliant. Genesys Voice Recording, natively integrated into the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, reliably records 100% of calls—including those with desktop and screen sharing—making it easier to search and access recordings.


Collect customer feedback through web-based surveys after an interaction. The surveys can be designed, tested and published using a configurable web-user interface. Genesys Survey Solution allows rapid duplication, modification and adaptation to meet changing business requirements.

Quality and compliance management

Ensure quality and compliance with use cases that cover quality management, skills assessment and performance management. Genesys Quality Management includes strategic metadata with each recorded interaction in order to pinpoint which are most valuable to evaluate and then uses predefined reports to analyse and present those results for a clear and consistent view of both your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Outsourcer management

Get visibility into and manage your outsourced partner organisations by identifying skills that drive desired business results, then create models to distribute this knowledge in a consistent manner. Assess outsourcer understanding of what you’ve provided, then target additional training if needed. Compare and track completion and outsourcer effectiveness in driving your business performance metrics.

Interaction analytics

Get basic insights into voice interactions with speech analytics or go for deeper insights with advanced text and speech analytics. You can also mine messaging conversations with messaging text analytics.


Assess and empower your teams. Workforce management tools include automated employee onboarding, skills development and assessment and training and activity scheduling. By reducing knowledge gaps in your workforce with targeted, self-paced training and clear coaching insights, you can provide a more consistent customer experience across all channels.

Co-worker assistance

Monitor customer and co-worker conversations to provide the co-worker with timely prompts and additional information. Provide live transcripts of the customer’s voice or chat bot conversation on the co-worker's omnichannel desktop, then provide the co-worker with prompts, hints, tips and additional information based on dynamic interpretation of what is needed.