Outbound outreach is increasingly important in sales and service. Forbes found that 87% of customers want proactive communications from companies about customer service issues. Provide the experience customers want with outbound capabilities including voice, email and messaging.


Genesys Outbound Dialler delivers co-ordinated outreach across multiple channels, both automated and co-worker-assisted, and creates optimal engagements based on co-worker availability. Options include Progressive dialling, Predictive dialling and Preview dialling.

Progressive Dialling

Places call only when an co-worker is available

Predictive Dialling

Dials when an co-worker is anticipated to be available

Preview Dialling

Co-worker must click to accept the outbound dial

Automated customer callback

Automate calls to customers who request a callback on your mobile app or web site. When customers can’t find the answers they need on your website or app, they want to speak with someone who can help quickly. With just a single click, Genesys Callback provides your digital customers the option to request a return call instead of waiting online or on an app. And because callback routing uses skills-based routing, these requests can be intelligently routed to the individual best equipped to help.

SMS notifications

Use SMS notifications to notify customers or as part of integrated campaigns across non-voice channels. Customers want a quick way to be notified of appointment reminders, delivery notifications, fraud alerts, coupons, loyalty programme information, surveys and much more. Communicate important information simply and efficiently using Genesys SMS Notifications. Customers experience a more satisfying and engaging experience with businesses and companies reduce operational costs while ensuring important and time-sensitive text alerts are delivered to customers wherever they are.

Outbound using email

Take your campaigns to customers’ inboxes. Execute integrated campaigns across multiple channels, including email. Part of a multiwave campaign, email can be leveraged in co-ordinated, multi-channel campaigns in which it is possible to integrate calls, voice messages and text messages to communicate your messages to your prospects and customers at the right time, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Push notifications for mobile

Send notifications directly to customers’ mobile devices, about updates, service issues and update requests.