Mobile, an Essential Part of Omnichannel

Omni comes from the Latin word “Omnis” which means “all, of all things, in all ways or places”. Omnichannel communication is an all-encompassing strategy that aims to engage consumers with messages, offers, and consistent levels of service across all points of contact, both online and offline.

Omnichannel talks about how agents are always there for customers. Wherever and whenever. In the past, the agent had to meet the customer in person, this time the agent had to be able to meet the customer virtually by providing the same service.

Currently, there is a huge surge in mobile devices. According to a 2017 Sensis Social Media report, 57% of Australians browse social media and email on their mobile every morning. In New Zealand, smartphones have reached 71% of the population. The Hootsuite study shows that people spend four hours a day surfing the web and social channels on their phones.

Based on these data, it is certain that all businesses will be integrated with cellular in the future. This has the opportunity to create tough competition for companies to win over customers. Of course, the company that wins is the one that gets advanced technology support.

According to a 2017 Telsyte report commissioned by Genesys, customer interactions on the mobile app or website will increase over the next 12 months. With web chat, social and email leading the way. However, 70% surveyed in the Telsyte report also said they would rather pick up the phone and talk to someone in person, while 64% prefer to visit a store in person. The 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey proved that 88% of Australians now own a smartphone, while 24% buy products using a smartphone at least once a month.

Omnichannel solutions benefit not only customers but also employees. Genesys Workload Management allowed a global task list to be consolidated and automatically assigned to the right person, regardless of their office location. This will provide benefits such as increased work efficiency, fewer fines, and a happier employee.

However, companies should also consider how to operate cellular technology properly so that they can connect with customers. The technology used must be managed as well as possible in order to be user-friendly and provide solutions to customer problems.

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