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In a business, you need a contact center to support your business. Contact centers bring you closer to customers wherever the brand is and whenever they need you. In contact center activities, there are two types of calls, namely incoming calls (inbound calls) and outbound calls (outbound calls).

In this article, Solutif will share useful information for you regarding inbound calls. An inbound call is an incoming call from a customer to your company, of course, the person receiving the call is the contact center agent from your company.

Activities carried out in inbound calls can vary, such as listening to questions, answering questions or providing solutions to problems your customers are experiencing, listening to complaints, or receiving input from customers regarding your company’s services.

If customers call your company, of course, they come with the expectation of getting a solution from you. To be able to provide the best solution, of course, you need the best ammunition. You need complete, accurate, easily accessible data support, and clear technological procedures.

Solutif is here as an all-in-one contact center solution giving you a complete and efficient inbound call solution. When customers and prospects reach out, get them to the right agent, with the right information, at the right time. You will improve key metrics such as first-call resolution, processing time, customer satisfaction, and NPS.

Route voice calls to the ideal agent groups based on the skills needed. Create a unified virtual contact centre by connecting customers with the agents that are the best fit. Genesys Call Routing uses skills-based routing to direct calls to the resource best equipped to help — in your contact centre, back office, a branch office, an outsourcer or anywhere else in the world. 

Use the power of AI and machine learning to perfectly match callers and employees, based on any number of criteria and data points. Create a differentiated experience by connecting customers with the sales reps that provide the best fit. Genesys Predictive Routing provides the best match between customer and agent and appropriately routes the interaction on the customer’s preferred channel. 

Display customer information to the agent as the call arrives. When an inbound call is presented to an agent, a screen pop is displayed containing information based on selected variables. 

When hold times are high, offer a callback to waiting callers. An alternative to waiting on hold can make the difference in a customer’s experience. After a threshold of time, give callers the wait time and the option of receiving a callback. Now you can deliver higher customer satisfaction without maintaining a peak-level staff. 

Add the option to extend a mobile voice call into a video call. This visual presentation enables organisations to resolve queries faster and more efficiently, helping provide a better customer experience and reduced costs. 

Solutif inbound solution will improve key metrics such as first-call resolution, processing time, customer satisfaction, and NPS. Our solution will increase customer reach, increase customer satisfaction so that you can increase your business opportunities bigger and faster. 

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