How to Improve Customer Experience With an Omnichannel Experience

Let’s Improve Customer Experience With an Omnichannel Experience

We live in a digital world. People just type a word into their browser and start searching. It couldn’t be easier, considering we don’t even need a laptop. We grab our phones, and seconds later we’re confirming a purchase. It’s now second nature to connect with friends, family, colleagues (and even strangers) via call, text, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Technology makes it simple to connect to the world without moving an inch. 

The problem is, when the customer wants to connect with a brand, it’s not always productive. They might start with a bot. When that bot can’t help, they’re transferred to a human who asks the same questions they just answered. Herein lies the problem. In our personal lives, we can send images while we text and talk, and even participate in multiperson video conversations from the same device. 

The Global State of Customer Experience report states that “three-quarters of consumers switch to a brand competitor after just one bad experience,” underscoring that the CX (Customer Experience) you deliver is critical to success. This is why omnichannel matters. People want to experience brands the way they experience communicating with friends and family: easy, on any channel (or every channel), and as fast as they want it to be.

To deliver the right omnichannel experience, consider these tips:


Arm your people

With correct tools and training, your team will be ready to create the most exceptional CX possible. Omnichannel is the only path forward. Brands must deliver an experience akin to the ones we have with friends on the devices we carry around in our pockets, in addition to our laptops and fax machines. Give the customer what they need fastly and efficiently. 


Use what you learn

Use advanced machine learning and data tools to collect, analyze and offer recommendations for improvement. If you’ve partnered with Solutif, our technology services will help you leverage customer data and insights.


Proliferate info

Share information on all channels so the CX is equal regardless of whether customers are looking online, purchasing on mobile or inquiring about their order in-store.


Plot out what success looks like

Decide you’re going to create a seamless experience across channels with a focus on mobile by innately unifying all business communications. Can a customer chat with a bot online and then switch to call a human agent without disruption or repeating themselves?


Get honest with yourself 

Identify current pain points in your CX, and isolate the opportunities for improvement.


Look from the outside in

If you were a customer, how would the experience feel? Is it as natural as asking a friend for help? Is it immersive? Unique? Self-explanatory? Think like a customer because you’re one of those, too.

Solutif as an all-in-one contact center solution provides services based on omnichannel and cloud-based technology. Our services make it easy for your company to grow and improve the customer experience. Give your customers a memorable experience by using Solutif’s omnichannel contact center technology!

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