This Is How Voicebot Can Accelerate Your Company Growth

Voicebot is a software service supported by Artificial Intelligence. Voicebot will help direct what the customer wants with an effective response by using machine learning to increase the capacity and improve service to customers.

Voicebot is also inserted with Natural Language Processing technology so that the robot can produce natural sounds like human voices. This will make your customers feel more comfortable communicating on the phone.

Not only does it improve customer satisfaction and customer experience, voicebot can also accelerate the growth of your company from efficiency, reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction, and business improvement. This is how it works.


Increase agent efficiency

Let's take a use case in terms of bank collection. In a banking company, of course, there will be collection activity to customers. The collection process is usually still carried out by humans. The agent is tasked with making calls to customers, giving or answering questions, as well as collecting customer data. Imagine if all the work was done by robots, it would certainly increase the efficiency of your contact center agents! Voicebot will take care of invoicing with customers, while your agent can focus on other, more priority jobs. This will save the agent time and speed up the completion of other jobs.


Reducing costs

Imagine how much it would cost you to recruit and hire human agents? Of course, it will cost quite a lot. Voicebot is here as a solution to cut company expenses without reducing work quality. You only need to use the voicebot software to take care of many customers with a fast time and efficient process. This will greatly benefit your company.


Increase customer satisfaction

Customers often feel uncomfortable when asked to wait or hold a call. With voicebot, waiting time is reduced and the robot can provide accurate, fast, and efficient answers. Your customers will feel very helpful and customer satisfaction will increase dramatically!


Identify business improvement opportunities

Let's go back to the use case at the banking company. When doing collection, of course, you need customer data before calling your customer. Voicebot with Artificial Intelligence technology can retrieve data about customer transactions, deadlines for settlement, customer personal data, and information related to repayments. Your business can grow quickly and efficiently.

Solutif is here as a contact center solution providing voicebot services with artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and cloud-based technology that will accelerate the growth of your company.