The Positive Value of The Omnichannel Contact Center During The Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the transition of the contact center - from the old system to a cloud-based omnichannel system. The omnichannel contact center provides convenience for contact center companies where all information related to company services can be accessed by customers through various platforms, such as email, social media, telephone, website, mobile applications, and other platforms. With this ease and efficiency, companies can improve customer satisfaction and carry out business processes.

Odigo, a specialist and analyst in the field of omnichannel cloud solutions, has recently been at the center of how advancement innovation is revolutionizing the world's contacts. Odigo concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased people's need for a digital world. People want fast, easy, efficient solutions that can be accessed digitally.

It is the high level of customer accessibility allowed by the omnichannel contact center that helps ensure repeat business through customer satisfaction. A report from Ombudsmen Services found that 28% of consumers admit to losing contact after receiving poor customer service, so the center can be seen as important.


The power of AI and the cloud

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is the perfect tool in terms of finding positive customers and loyal customers. The main way of implementing AI in contact centers is through agent conversations with customers, or what we usually know as voice bots and chatbots.

Powered by machine learning and natural language understanding, bots can handle written (chatbots) or vocal communications (voice bots and call bots) and provide a simple way for customers to communicate quickly with businesses.

Another research on technology clouds shows that by the end of 2020, 67% of enterprise architectures will be cloud and omnichannel-based, and 82% of workloads will move to machines with the help of omnichannel cloud and artificial intelligence.

Gertner, market research and advisory firm, estimates the worldwide cloud services market will grow 6.3% in 2020 to a total of $257.9 billion, up from $242.7 billion in 2019. The increased investment shows that enterprise management understands the benefits of cloud implementation. This increase in cloud adoption represents an exciting new openness to technology that was once shunned.


Investing time in your agents

Odigo in his research also observed how the correlation between customer experience and contact center agent experience. Odigo noted how to validate the assumption that a good contact center agent performance will increase customer satisfaction as well.

Currently, the work of contact center agents is getting easier with cloud-based omnichannel. Agents can work from any name, anytime, with any device. Working with multiple platforms certainly creates additional pressure for contact center agents. Managers must ensure that agents work happily and that the agent's workload is not excessive. So that agents can still establish good relationships with customers.

Companies must provide hardware and software to facilitate contact center agents. However, other important things also need to be given to agents, namely collegial relations, administrative support, and a positive atmosphere are important components of the work of agents. Agents will work optimally if material and immaterial needs are met.

The first digital worlds created in part because of the pandemic have proven that, when successfully deployed together, the combination of AI, agent training, and omnichannel cloud contact centers can create consistently positive customer experiences and is an area that all businesses would be smart to explore.

Based on the explanation above, we can see that the omnichannel contact center has very good prospects, which can be applied during the pandemic or after the pandemic is over. This omnichannel contact center can increase customer satisfaction, simplify agent work, and increase your company's profits and growth.

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