The Importance of Omnichannel for Business in Digital Era

Omnichannel is a cross-channel business model that emphasizes quality customer experience. Customers from companies or brands that implement an omnichannel strategy can shop or get information using various channels at once, both online and offline.

All customer journeys from various channels will be integrated so that companies can better understand customer needs and provide proactive services according to their needs. The simplicity resulting from the application of the omnichannel is not only beneficial for customers, but also for companies and contact center agents who work.

If the company implements this strategy, the company does not have to worry about the problem of service preferences which are often different due to age and generation groups. Customers can freely choose what channel is right for them to transact, and the company can always provide the best customer experience.

With all the benefits and benefits obtained, the implementation of an omnichannel strategy in customer service has become one of the important requirements that must be considered by all business people. Next, let's find out more about omnichannel technology solutions and what benefits they provide for businesses in the digital age.

To help companies implement the right omnichannel strategy, Phintraco Technology offers an omnichannel solution from Avaya. Named Avaya Oceana, Avaya Oceana is a solution for companies that want to provide a seamless customer experience for their customers. By using this solution, companies can provide customer service that reaches all channels such as email, chat, SMS, intelligent chatbot, co-browse, social media, video, and the Internet of Things (IoT) on all types of devices customers use.

Whatever channel a customer uses, or even when they use several channels at the same time, this omnichannel solution can provide complete information about the customer journey across these channels. All customer activity from various channels can be known in real-time by agents, allowing them to know what to do next, and what channel is most appropriate for communicating with customers.

If the agent wants to ask for help from employees who are more skilled in handling these customers, the agent can directly ask for help. So that the company can continue to ensure maximum service quality for customers. By providing a clear picture of the entire customer journey from various channels, this solution provides many benefits and advantages for companies implementing it. Here are the benefits:


Measure the level of customer satisfaction and find out how to improve it, as well as create sustainable customer loyalty

Omnichannel allows your customers to get answers from multiple platforms efficiently. From these platforms, you can evaluate the traffic of each platform so you know what customers like and you can use that data as your marketing strategy. This will be very useful for the development of your company and customer satisfaction.


Companies can create a brand experience that suits customer needs

Omnichannel has several platforms to help you analyze the market. You can find out how the activities of certain platform customers. When you know what your customers want, you can create a brand and business that suits them. In the end, this will increase your business and your profits.


Companies can optimize agent and employee productivity

Omnichannel makes it easier for your contact center agents to get information and data to help customers solve their problems. The speed of searching for data is a very important point. The faster the agent looks for information and the more accurate the data is obtained, the more customer satisfaction will be. Omnichannel cloud technology solution makes it easy for your agents. Agents can work quickly, easily, and efficiently!


Companies can align company and employee goals

Omnichannel makes work easy, fast, efficient and helps you analyze markets and build strategies. With omnichannel technology, you can reach your goals faster, so your company will grow rapidly

Solutif technology solutions using cloud-based omnichannel. In this modern era, it is very important to use cloud-based technology. Cloud allows you to work without a mobile application, just a website, and an internet network. The data that you have will also be automatically saved. No need to be afraid if your device has errors or other problems. Omnichannel and cloud are a great mix. This will greatly help the work of your contact center agent, as well as improve the customer experience!

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