Solutif Leveraging the Power of Norm for an Empathetic Customer Experience

From 1982 to 1993, Norm Peterson entered his favorite water hole and was greeted by the chorus of "Norm!" from regulars and staff. Companies want to harness the power of "Norms" to find out about their customers when they arrive, log on to their website, or reach a contact center. They want to be able to predict what each customer will want and provide an experience unlike any of their competitors. To do this, it all comes down to empathy.

Empathy is defined as a complex affective and cognitive response to the emotional distress of others. Empathy includes the ability to feel the emotional state of others, feel sympathetic and try to solve problems, and take someone else's perspective. For your contact center agents to use empathy in the customer experience, they must be able to simplify the meaning of empathy first. The following pillars of empathy that can improve the quality of the customer experience for your contact center company

First, your agent must listen to your customer closely. Receive as much information as you can. Then, use your brain and your experiences to transform that information into understanding and predicting appropriate ways of responding. Take action and provide your feedback. And then, measure your response - and hopefully learn to follow and improve for next time.

You can gather facts about who this person is, where they are, what happened to them, and their sentiments. You can use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to turn this data into an understanding of intents and needs - then predict the right way to help. You can act through interactions, display the right content, the right automated tools, or the right human resources to guide every interaction to a successful outcome. And you can return to AI to take action and results to continually improve experiences and results.

A recent Harvard Business Review study showed that companies that are loyalty leaders increase revenue 2.5X as much, compared to their peers. Subtle and fuzzy concept empathy; it's a solid business strategy that drives KPIs. Empathy isn't just warm and fuzzy, or part of the fun to have from an experience. Empathy should be at the core of your business strategy and design experience. Creating empathy in action across your customer and employee experiences provides the differentiation the company needs to thrive.