Omnichannel Is Revolutionizing the Banking Industry

IIn this digital era, companies are always dominated by customer demand for a good customer experience and services that are efficient, easy, profitable, and the process runs smoothly. Let's take an example in the banking world. In recent years, the consumer banking process has been taken to a new level. Customers want to do their banking whenever, wherever, and in any way they want—for example, they want to move from self-service checks on credit card statements to direct agent calls to dispute certain fees. This has placed convenience and exemplary customer service at the very top of customer banking wish lists.

All bank customer expectations for banking companies can be realized by utilizing contact center cloud and omnichannel technology. Cloud technology gave birth to a new sophisticated era for the banking world. As a result, customer service and customer satisfaction will increase and banking companies will be more profitable.

Due to the agility and ability of cloud integration, banks will be better able to add or expand omnichannel solutions that provide harmonized customer service across all combinations of voice, SMS, mobile, web, and social channels. This allows customers to easily go from analyzing their checking accounts on the internet to ask questions about statements via text message. Customers can send a text message to a financial service provider, follow up with an email and then talk to a contact center advisor without having to leave the conversation or repeat any information. The cloud platform makes these services more accessible and allows businesses to take advantage of continuous technology updates and software releases.

Currently, banks can also create applications at low costs through cloud technology. Your banking company can implement flexible cloud solutions without incurring large capital or additional IT costs. Your banking company can scale to business needs and achieve rapid growth with cloud technology.

If banks don't realize the importance of being prepared for successful omnichannel interactions, they can lose out on huge profits. Bank customers are increasingly turning to mobile devices and social media. There is no doubt a significant increase in the number of people using mobile devices to manage their banking services.

What's more, one in ten customers want to talk to and engage with financial services companies via social media – the volume of British consumers aged 16 and over wanting to engage with their bank via social media has jumped from three percent to 11 percent over recent years. the past few years, according to Aspect's research on consumer habits.

The demand for omnichannel customer service is undeniable. So, is your company looking for a state-of-the-art cloud contact center solution to ensure customers receive more service options and a great customer experience? Contact us using the form to learn how Solutif can help.