Omnichannel Contact Center Fulfill Work From Home & Work From Office Needs

The era of the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted more than a year. Many industries have been affected by the pandemic and have suffered enormous losses. Not only the loss of the company, it even resulted in the reduction of the mass workforce. Along with the ongoing pandemic era, internet users and digital platforms are increasing. The increasing number of digital platform users is related to the stay-at-home policy. This policy resulted in people not being able to go to offline stores or meet in person.

This phenomenon encourages various industries, including contact centers, to be able to expand their business to various platforms. The company tries its best to be able to meet customers from any platform, whether email, social media, websites, mobile applications, and other platforms.

Omnichannel technology will help make this happen. Omnichannel allows companies to reach customers through various platforms easily, quickly, and efficiently. This will greatly benefit the company as well as the customer. Transactions and business will run smoothly with the help of omnichannel. This technology can help employees during work from home or work from office. This also applies to the contact center business.

The following is clear description why omnichannel contact center is applicable to employees who are work from home and work from office.


Omnichannel meets market demands in the digital age era

In this pandemic era, people are turning to digital platforms. Likewise with contact center customers. Contact center interactions are no longer described with customers calling contact center agents, but customers can contact agents through many platforms such as email, social media, websites with chatbot and voice bot features, as well as mobile applications.

Agents who work from home or work from office can work very flexibly and easily with omnichannel contact center technology. Work from home agents can continue to interact with customers, answer customer questions, provide solutions, or make outbound calls from home. Then, the Work from office agent can also do the same from the office. Omnichannel provides the same opportunities and conveniences to all contact center agents.





We all hope that this pandemic will end soon, but there is also the possibility that this pandemic will last a long time. Both possibilities can be overcome with an omnichannel contact center. When the pandemic ends, the community will be facilitated with various accessible platforms. And if the pandemic continues, people will continue to use various platforms from the omnichannel contact center. So, the omnichannel contact center is very applicable for work from home or work from office.

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