Omnichannel and Agent Blending 101

When contact center companies make progress by adopting omnichannel operations in order to keep up with technological developments, discussions about mixing will arise. Omnichannel operates several channels and media such as email, website, mobile, telephone, and other social media. This multitude of channels leads contact center agents to ask if they can handle all of these channels? The answer depends on what you mean by blending and why you want to blend.

In this article, Solutif will explain what “blending” means, what needs blending, and why it's important to blend things in your company.

Defining Blending

There are 4 different definitions of mixing:

  • Omnichannel agents: is a mixture of several types of work in companies, including contact center companies.

  • Multitasking agents: Handle work that is behind, for example, back-office workers take phone calls during peak times.

  • Backup agents: agents who are in charge of taking over your work or handling your work when you are busy or solving other problems.

  • Multimodal agents: support the performance of other agents by using other channels at the same time. An example is when an agent is communicating with a customer by telephone, the agent must also send an email or other data to the customer at the same time.

Why Companies Blend?

  • Employee experience: This driver applies to a culture or an employee population that enjoys having variety in their day - not all the same type of work, not all the same media. Even if you haven't traditionally done this, it might be a way to improve employee engagement.

  • Efficiency: The laws of math mean that having enough staff available for low-volume work results in lower occupancy for that staff. Blending is a way to fill those gaps in time.

  • Customer experience: Multimodal communication takes communication style one step further, allowing a customer to communicate in multiple ways without having to switch who they are talking with or having to repeat information. This is key to frictionless engagement.

Omnichannel and Blending

Coordinating your contact center agents in operating the omnichannel channel will improve the customer experience which results in increased customer satisfaction. Successful blending requires an infrastructure that supports omnichannel measurement, agent tools for easier operation, and a people strategy for identifying, supporting, and rewarding mixed agents.

Solutif in collaboration with Genesys gives you the right omnichannel management. We provide services ranging from talent supply, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services, and technology. We help you to realize the contact center company of your dreams by carrying out proper management from your workforce to the technology you use.