All in One Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions with Solutif

There is no doubt that in this digital era, the contact center business is turning into an omnichannel. Selling both businesses to business and business to customers hopes to make contact and marketing through various platforms, such as email, mobile phones, websites, or social media. Omnichannel will greatly simplify the sales and communication process in a business. This improves the quality of company performance and customer satisfaction with your company.

According to CCWDigital, sixty-nine percent of customers see multiple transfers as the main sign of poor customer service, while 56% are distracted by inconsistent communication across channels and employees. Omnichannel will provide a solution to the problem. However, omnichannel requires consideration of several factors.

Evaluate Channel Options

Despite the increase of digital channels and artificial intelligence (AI) bots, voice calls will remain and continue to be the most dominant channel in contact centers. 64% of the contact center team believes that customers should always have access to a live agent, shows the CCW Market study. However, that does not mean that other platforms such as email, website, social media are less important. With omnichannel, you can inform important points and in-depth through other platforms. This will save your agent from complicated questions. Omnichannel can make Your agents work more effectively and disseminate information to customers more efficiently.

Use a Central Database

The most important part of using the omnichannel is the data storage of each platform. According to Bright Pattern, "Silos are the single biggest impediment to a great customer experience and companies that operate from technology that is siloed will not win." Conversely, an attractive voice channel with complete and structured data provision will make the customer journey smoother, so that customer satisfaction with your contact center company will increase.

A CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce or Service Now, makes it easy to achieve this goal by creating a searchable database of all existing customer information. Adding voice into the CRM product through a computer telephony integration (CTI) solution ensures that contact centers can truly operate in an omnichannel capacity, bridging all gaps between communication methods. Solutif works with Genesys to have the technology to help your company.

Improve the Agent Experience

Your contact center agent experience is as important as the customer experience. The most common mistake in a contact center business is that business selectors think only of the customer experience, but not the agent experience. Agents in charge of solving your company's problems and working hard to improve the quality of your company.

Solutif in collaboration with Genesys has a CTI solution. A CTI solution not only brings phone and CRM data together, it also makes it easier for agents to do their jobs. It has features like screen pops, automated call logging, and more into the CRM window, there's no need to switch between applications or fumble when trying to pull up the correct customer information.

Integrating the existing IVR system, call queues and omnichannel routing lessens the learning curve and allows for easier user adoption and time savings. With all these technologies, your agents can work more efficiently and easily. Solutif gives you all-in-one omnichannel contact center solutions.