7 Contact Centres Trends in 2021

From 2020 to 2021, the world has been tested by the Covid-19 pandemic. This pandemic has an impact on several aspects, such as economy, business, tourism, education, etc. The existence of a pandemic requires us to work at home and limits the number of employees in the office.

The work from home system forces us to use high-quality digital technology. This also happened to the contact center business. The good news is that Genesys and Solutif have anticipated this rapid change. Together, Genesys and Solutif have taken it head-on and transformed operations to provide customers with the services they expect, in the ways they expect - via phone, chat, email, social channels, or other channels.

Not only that, Genesys and Solutif have also analyzed 7 contact center trends in 2020.


Companies using the cloud immediately saw the benefits it provided, including business agility, business continuity, enhanced security, increased productivity, and a better agent experience.


Customers want the cloud the way they are - with the flexibility, scalability, and portability they need, regardless of the size or complexity of their business. Customers will receive customizations that allow them to purchase and include the best features for their business.

Workforce Engagement

A good contact center manager knows that customer satisfaction starts with good service and the right company management. In this digital era, contact center companies are using Artificial intelligence (AI) technology to handle smaller and more routine tasks. This frees up agents and frees them up to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Personalized Customer Experiences

In times of pandemic, customers want more personalized help. That means your agents need information right at their fingertips. Genesys data-based services will certainly help agents to provide more in-depth and personal information, whenever customers want it.

Omnichannel Access

Utilizing omnichannel in this digital era will greatly increase customer satisfaction and make business better. By 2021, more companies will turn to tools such as Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots and digital assistants to transform contact centers and personalize customer experiences


Agents who have a high level of empathy will greatly affect customer satisfaction. And doing this requires technology that provides the fullest context and insight into the customer journey.

Experience as a Service

To be able to increase customer satisfaction, agents must manage the customer's journey. Using AI technology, agents can personalize interactions in a timely manner. In the next year, contact centers will zero-in on these key capabilities to deliver on an Experience as a ServiceSM vision.