6 Digital Solutions for Better Contact Center by Solutif

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology influences how companies interact with their customers. This "Chatbot" based technology can present a more interactive and entertaining communication for its users. Will contact center agents be replaced by robots in the future? To be sure, the demands for providing contact center services with connected customers across digital channels are currently increasing, which forces companies to be able to find and be able to design innovative technology frameworks in contact centers.

Responding to the rapid development of technology, Solutif in collaboration with Genesys has several digital services that can facilitate the performance of contact center agents. With digital services, it is easier for agents to compile and obtain data, agents can provide more accurate answers and solutions that meet customer needs. Here are 6 digital services from Solutif for your contact center company!


Make your website a conversation starter. With just a single click, Genesys Chat Routing provides your digital customers immediate access to live help. And because Genesys Chat uses skills-based routing, chat requests can be intelligently routed to the individual best equipped to help.


Make email part of the full customer experience. Automatically distribute emails to the best-fit agent based on content analysis and keywords. Genesys Email Routing streamlines your response process using email automation functionality that enables you to monitor, measure, and optimize your email flow to create a better customer experience

Social media

Make customer service more social. Engage with your customers on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Using Genesys Social Engagement, you can monitor your business presence on relevant social media sites and easily identify and prioritize online comments. Automatically route social media interactions across the enterprise to the right people brings new levels of scalability, consistency, and responsiveness to your social media interaction strategies.


Engage customers through SMS or within mobile apps, such as WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Line. Then connect them to the right resource anywhere in your business by routing customer text messages to your best-fit agents. Genesys SMS Routing uses skill-based routing so messaging your company for support is faster and more efficient than calling and enables conversations from anywhere.


See what your customers see. Improve customer experience and first contact resolution by enabling agents to assist your customers through a co-browsing session. Using real-time on-screen guidance, input, or by taking control of the customer’s screen. There are zero footprints for the customer desktop and content masking for security peace of mind.

Proactive web engagement

Use machine learning to monitor website activity, predict visitor outcomes, and proactively engage customers using chatbots, content, and self-service knowledge. Genesys Proactive Assist uses actionable insights from the web and mobile customer behaviors to offer real-time live assistance at the appropriate moment. It matches customer behaviors and need with the right agent at the right time, on the right channel and agents have the full context to provide the best experience.