5 Ways To Maximize Omnichannel for Your Call / Contact Center

Source: www.esan.edu.pe

Not All Channels are Equal

Not all channels are created equally; which means that for your business, some channels may generate more profit than other channels. In addition to overarching management KPI reports, an Omnichannel Contact Center will tell you how each channel is doing. Your business is unique, so in order to maximize an Omnichannel Call Center, you need to treat it that way. Understanding which channels are most profitable for your company will allow you to thrive and hold a competitive advantage.

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Simplified, Comprehensive Reporting

In a Call Center survey conducted by Deloitte, 54% of respondents felt that by leveraging reporting and analytics they could improve efficiency and productivity, about half of respondents (48%) felt client experience would benefit, and 39% saw opportunity to increase revenue. Rather than wasting time consolidating multiple reports on each channel’s performance, Evolve IP’s Omnichannel Contact Center provides you with one comprehensive reporting engine that provides holistic insights across all customer interactions.

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Train Agents on One Tool

Omnichannel takes your multiple channels and seamlessly integrates them into a single application used by your agents. Thus, associates only have to learn how to use one tool so you spend less time training and more time focused on improving customer satisfaction.

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Save Costs

Salesforce claims that 72% of people think self-service support is a fast and easy way to handle support issues. Gartner predicts that by 2020 clients will manage 85% of the relationship without any human interaction at all. Let Evolve IP’s Omnichannel Contact Center help keep your business competitive in the market.

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Seamless Integration with CRM

Omnichannel Solution allows you to integrate your Contact Center with your CRM to get a holistic view into your client relationships. If you’re already using a CRM, Evolve IP can seamlessly integrate your channels with your CRM. If you’re not using a CRM, then we can export data into your CRM later to maximize omnichannel for your business. Having said that, if you are considering using an Omnichannel Contact Center, start using your CRM now so that when you do make the move to omnichannel, you can integrate your CRM right away!

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