5 Advantages of Chat bot and Voice bot Services on Company Website

Chat bot is a web service or feature on a web that allows business people to communicate with customers or web visitors in real-time. This means that when a customer visits a website and has a question, the customer can immediately ask the business person via chat bot and voice bot.

Voice bots are software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allow a caller to navigate an interactive voice response (IVR) system with their voice, generally using natural language. Callers don't have to listen to menus and press corresponding numbers on their keypads.

Chat bot and voice bot services provide many advantages for business, such as sales increase, increase customer retention, conversion increase, brand reputation increase, and customer satisfaction increase. Here's the explanation why chat bot and voice bot will increase those things.

Source: www.kennywiston.com

Sales/Sales Increase

One of the most important parts of a business is sales. Quoted from blueladz.com, businesses that provide Chat bot and voice bot services on websites can get increased sales and user retention more effectively. The reason is, 51% of customers say the possibility of making a purchase increases if there is a chat bot and voice bot service, especially if the service satisfies the customer.

Source: blogs.oregonstate.edu

Conversion Increase

In contrast to retention, conversion means how the company gets customers to take "action". For example, making purchases, putting items in a shopping cart, making bargains, and so on. The chat bot and voice bot feature makes it easier for customers if they have questions before making a purchase. The American Marketing Association says chat bot and voice bot services for B2B companies can increase conversions by at least 20%.

Source: www.bluevenn.com

Increased Customer Retention

Customer service was originally a factor in increasing customer retention. However, the use of the chat bot and voice bot feature has been shown to increase customer retention by up to 48%. As is well known, one of the goals of a business is to make customers come back to visit the website and return to make transactions on your business. A high retention rate can prove that your customers are satisfied with your business products and services so that customers will decide to make a return transaction. So, the use of chat bot and voice bot has proven to be very effective in increasing customer retention.

Source: www.rewardmore.com

Brand Reputation Increases

Chat bot and voice bot services can increase customer confidence in the company by up to 41%. This will lead to increased social traffic to the website and lead to increased retention. With increased customer trust and social traffic, the brand's reputation will increase.

Source: www.datumcorp.com

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Chat bot and voice bot services that can serve customers in real-time will certainly please customers and increase customer satisfaction. The Chat bot and voice bot feature will make it very easy for customers if they want to ask questions about a product or make a complaint about the problems they are experiencing.

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