3 Solutif Insight for Your Contact Center Company

Providing insight into business models and decisions yields excellent benefits. However, to be able to produce good results, requires collaboration and coordination from various departments. You have to start to understand that the business center must be actively involved in the customer insight strategy. The success of your contact center company must also be supported by technological advances to link customer data sources and metrics with the customer journey. These insights serve as a long-term strategy that can build customer loyalty.

Comprehensive cross-channel reporting and analytics are essential to provide essential business and customer insights. Have the best cross-channel reporting and analytics with Solutive insights services. Solutive gives you the best 3 types of insights:

Omnichannel Reporting

Contact center metrics all in one place - for every channel, every agent, and every location. Gain a holistic view of customer journeys to better meet service levels and exceed your customers' expectations. Leverage call center reporting software that is focused on delivering information that your business can use to align employee engagement, optimize operations and provide a consistent customer experience.

KPI Insights

Monitor and analyze contact center metrics to detect addressable service level anomalies. Improve the customer and employee experience by giving business users a full view into service level performance and tools to take timely action. Genesys KPI Insights monitors performance against service level goals and provides simple filtering, drill-down, and custom reporting to address service issues.

Journey Tracking

Monitor customer journeys across all channels to enhance outcome prediction and reach your business goals. Apply machine learning, dynamic personas, and outcome probabilities to identify the right moments for proactive engagement.