2 Types of Call Centers You Need to Know

"Good morning this is (company name) how can you help you?"

"Good morning. I'm (name) from (company name). I would like to offer our latest service."

The sentences above perhaps seem familiar to you. Or maybe you've heard it yourself. This sentence is usually said by a call center to customers. The call center itself is a service from a company that accepts calls from customers or calls customers. Did you know that call centers are of two types? The following is a complete explanation.

Inbound (incoming calls)

Inbound is a type of incoming call from the customer to the company to make a complaint, make a complaint, ask a question, or ask for help with a problem that is being experienced. In this case, the number of calls the call center receives is not fixed. The number per day varies greatly depending on the incoming call flow. On some days the number of incoming calls can be very large, while on other days it can be less.

Outbound (outgoing call)

Outbound is the outgoing call made by the call center agent to the customer. Outbound also has multiple purposes, such as offering services, explaining bills, providing solutions to previous problems, or collecting customer data.