Are Your Ready For Digital Future of 2025 With Solutif?

An explosion in demand for digital products and services

An explosion in demand for digital products and services has propelled the industry four years ahead. The world of customer experience (CX) has seen a massive acceleration in digital adoption in the last 18 months.  Today, digital adoption has accelerated to what was initially expected in 2025.

Businesses need to market, sell and engage with customers from anywhere across the digital channels they know and trust — now more than ever. As a company committed to delivering the best contact center services, we know loyalty and trust are built on personalized interactions. Today’s customer journey often begins with a digital experience. This is the age of the digital majority. 

Solutif collaborating with Genesys, creating Genesys DX. With Genesys DX, companies can move CX beyond common transactional chat interactions to deliver the intuitive conversations customers welcome. Genesys DX helps companies understand customer needs and predict customer intent with groundbreaking capabilities, including:


Faster Scale to Wow

Companies can easily design and launch conversational intelligence to create smart self-service on the most popular messaging channels in a matter of weeks. Agents can work smarter with easy-to-master AI, actionable insights and intuitive workspaces. Companies can start with a single use case and use insights to build and optimize their customer engagement strategy — all while keeping the customer experience at the heart of their decisions.


Human Intuition for All Digital Interactions

By Genesys DX, Solutif enables companies to apply human-like intuition in all digital engagement by combining a real-time, 360-degree view of customer touchpoints with contextual data. This new capability goes beyond traditional concepts of passive sentiment analysis. Companies are empowered to stay ahead of the customer by proactively addressing needs and guiding them toward resolution — and that creates a better customer 


Always-On Engagement

With Genesys DX, Solutif makes companies can deliver always-on engagement, allowing them to show up immediately with the right information to address needs as empathetically and quickly as possible. A centralized knowledge platform allows companies to provide fast access to information, while simultaneously leveraging the Voice of the Customer to continuously enhance the experience. In addition, customers will enjoy smoother and more comprehensive interactions with seamless transitions across AI and agent engagements.

In the next few months, Solutif plan to add capabilities, such as predictive engagement, to allow businesses to drive customer acquisition via the web and automate online customer interactions across marketing, sales and service.

Now we’re living in the age of the digital majority — and we’ve been propelled into digital 2025. But this is just the beginning. Solutif reached a tipping point; we’re imagining digital business experiences that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Do you want to improve the quality of customer experience (CX) with the help of cloud technology and omnichannel contact center? 

Solutif as an all-in-one contact center solution provides services based on omnichannel and cloud-based technology. Our services make it easy for your company to grow and improve the customer experience. Give your customers a memorable experience by using Solutif’s omnichannel contact center technology!

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