Workforce Engagement

Workforce Engagement Management

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Build a company culture employees love

Workforce engagement management (WEM) helps create a good employee experience. WEM focuses on the human side of the contact center to improve employee engagement. It also streamlines operations and improves efficiency.


Earn brand loyalty with better employee experiences

Employee Performance Management

Simplify and personalize the employee experience. Get one platform for customer experience (CX), training, recognition, and more.

Workforce forecasting and scheduling

Ensure you have the right support in place when demand suddenly increases. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to create accurate and flexible schedules in minutes.

Quality assurance and monitoring

Record any interaction across channels without data loss. Access the voice of the customer (VOC), including trends, training, and compliance.


Help employees achieve performance goals with real-time insights that are easy to access and easy to execute.

Long-term workforce planning

Utilize contact center schedules to maximize your budget and resources. Make it easier to determine the number of agents needed in advance and assign the right support at the right time.

Speech and text analytics

Gain valuable insights with speech and text analytics. Use transcription, sentiment analysis, and topic spotting to identify key events. Use these insights to improve interaction performance in real-time.

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