Automatic Call Distribution

Send Interactions To The Right Agent With A Flexible ACD

Our Solution

Revolutionize Your Call Center Operations!

Gain the flexibility to connect contact centers with existing communication solutions and telecom providers with Automatic Call Distribution.  You can also switch to a high-quality Telephony cloud system. Use the telephony service that works best for your business.


Let chatbot be the first to connect

Eliminate manual re-training

Manual agent administration wastes time and money. Virtual groups automatically map agents based on their profiles, which improves interaction matching.

Reduce handle times

Your business KPIs depend on your ability to share and maintain interactions. Decrease your average handling time and operational costs with ACD.

Deliver a better customer experience

Poor problem solving, multiple transfers, and long waiting times can worsen the customer experience. It's time to discover how customer expectations are evolving with Automatic Call Distribution.

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